by Tod Maffin

NOTE: This was a blog post I wrote in October 2004, at the very start of podcasting.

Blink and you might miss it. That guy apparently talking to his laptop computer at the coffee shop. Those teens in the basement monkeying with microphones. …

It’s happened again. Another friend of mine just posted this on Facebook.

My friend is a super-smart woman and well-meaning.

But she’s wrong.

Facebook’s app does not listen in to your conversations, then display ads to you from what you say.

It doesn’t happen.

This is simply confirmation bias at…

Here is how each of my weekdays unfolds:

  1. I sleep in.
  2. I feed my cats.
  3. I open my email and deal with it.
  4. Then, I start on whatever work is next on my to-do list.

Other than keeping a simple flat list of tasks and commitments I’ve made to my…

It pains me to write this blog post. Truly.

I desperately want to be able to recommend Hootsuite. They’re based in my city and I have friends who work there. And when they first came out, I used them. I liked them. …

I’m in this Facebook Group. It’s for people who advertise on Facebook.

At least once every goddamned day, someone will find some “amazing growth hacking” tool and ask “Should I try this?”

The answer, almost always is: Christ, no.

This particular app this fellow is talking about does this:

  • It…

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I started my career in radio — in a small town in south-eastern B.C. Having been born and raised in Vancouver, I was wholly unprepared for winter driving conditions. Frankly, I didn’t realize there were different types of tires for different kinds of weather.

Tod Maffin

President, engageQ digital • Author, Keynote Speaker, Broadcaster

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